Summer Camp Dee Jay 2017 - J贸zef贸w

An amazing atmosphere, a promo for learning under the constant supervision of an instructor, great people and dj. It is worth coming and taking advantage of an unforgettable adventure.聽馃榿馃榿馃槃馃幍馃嚛馃嚡

Ada Soberka

Super course, great atmosphere, unforgettable adventure. Going to the course I did not know what Dj's work is all about. Many hours of playing on the console allowed me to learn the basics of operating the equipment and finding a new hobby. Theoretical lectures were conducted in a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere. I recommend it with all my heart and I will definitely choose one more time聽

Kamil Kr臋cichwost

During these 5 days, my head has the knowledge that it did not have before! Great lessons valuable advice! If you start the adventure with a DJ I recommend this place no other! I could have played parties before, but I just did not want to go to the so-called deep water now I know what I'm standing for, what I need to improve and especially how no one will teach you! And here they work solidly on you! You just love Music, you want to do it PROFESSIONALL Start with a DJ COURSE it's really worth it!

Muda Bart艂omiej

Very well organized group awesome atmosphere mega mega fun a lot of knowledge gained聽聽MEGA !!

Kamil Taborek

I was and survived !!!! I was at Dj Kursie in J贸zef贸w and writes fresh, although I have no experience with Djstwo, I learned what it was and, above all, I learned the MIX technique and in the evenings I played on thick parties with great people !!!!
How do you hesitate whether to go or not ... THIS IS NOT HOW TO SAY HERE ONLY! You will not regret it and see you in the next courses!

Ewelina Gumiela

Dj-Kurs - school of life. You do not believe? Welcome! Only here you will learn how to create music in such a way as to infect the positive energy of other people. Only with this team you party until dawn, almost without consequences, everything depends on the approach聽聽having been with Dj-Kurs for a year, I learned that the best people get to know each other spontaneously and sleep best at the bottom聽聽These people will charge you with positive energy and set your frequency only to the right waves and make the BPM of your heart be consistent with what you feel聽聽I heartily recommend聽

Martyna Patalan

I really recommend it to everyone. Full professionalism and great atmosphere during the courses.

Czarek Lyyu Siwik

I was recommend to anyone who wants to learn something and meet awesome people !!! Regards聽

Robert Chmielowiec

The best school I've ever had !: D

Karol Piskorski

Je艣li kto艣 szuka czasu w kt贸rym chce sie dobrze zabawi膰 a przy okazji czego艣 dowiedziec i nauczyc to to jest co艣 dla niego. Tu nie ma podzia艂贸w na wiek, ka偶dy jest do siebie na „ty” czy instruktor czy kursant. Jak najbardziej polecam ka偶demu!!