Kamil Taborek

I was and survived !!!! I was at Dj Kursie in Józefów and writes fresh, although I have no experience with Djstwo, I learned what it was and, above all, I learned the MIX technique and in the evenings I played on thick parties with great people !!!! How do you hesitate whether to go or not ... THIS IS NOT HOW TO SAY HERE ONLY! You will not regret it and to ...

Ewelina Gumiela

Dj-Kurs - school of life. You do not believe? Welcome! Only here you will learn how to create music in such a way as to infect the positive energy of other people. Only with this team do you party till dawn, almost without consequences, it all depends on the approach 😀 being with Dj-Kurs for a year, I learned that the best people are getting to know spontaneously ...

Adam Dziura

Full professionalism, great people great atmosphere recommend. You can really learn something, I also recommend I greet the whole crew dj course - professional training.

Piotrek Tetyk

Ten kurs to nie jakaś lipa gdzie się zanudzicie na śmierć przy wykładach leśnych dziadków z ‚branzy’. To zbior mega profesjonalnych osobowości kochających imprezy I muzykę. Nie ma lepszych. Polecam ...